Production Line Drafting Pty Ltd
Production Line Drafting Pty Ltd
Production Line Drafting Pty Ltd
Production Line Drafting Pty Ltd
Production Line Drafting Pty Ltd


Production Line Drafting specialises in workshop detail drafting for steel fabricators.

We also provide the full suite of architectural, structural and mechanical drafting services, plus project management and preparation of council submissions.

Production Line Drafting utilises advanced drafting software Tekla Structures BIM (Building Information Modelling) to produce superior models of large-scale detailing projects.


Drafting Services

Architectural Drafting

We provide architectural drawings for commercial and industrial properties for council submissions, Development Applications and Construction Certificates. We work on both new and existing builds.

Structural Drafting

We provide the design and detail of steel structures for buildings, conveyors and  processing plants.

Mechanical Drafting

We provide mechanical drafting services for mine sites, including chute work, conveyors, processing plant layout and design.

Project Management

We have extensive experience in managing construction projects, from the initial design stage to lock-up.

Our services include completing council submissions, overseeing and writing contracts, engaging and consulting with engineers, providing design detail drawings, surveying site set-out, and managing the building phase of construction.

We make sure the job is finished on time and on budget.

Council Submissions

We prepare documents for Development Application and Construction Certificate submissions and oversee the progression of those documents through council for commercial building projects.

Advanced Software

Production Line Drafting uses Tekla Structures BIM (Building Information Modelling) software to produce superior models for large-scale detailing projects.

By using Tekla and BIM we can send accurate, reliable and detailed models to architects and engineers who can then visualise the model using the free download, BIM Insight.

We believe this technology represents the future for all structural and platework steel and concrete manufacturing.

Tekla is also compatible with the widely used Autodesk Revit software, which was specifically built for Building Information Modelling (BIM). We also use Autodesk Inventor 3D CAD software.

Click on the link to learn more about Tekla Structures.